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With the largest pool of top talent, we’re dedicated to serving casting directors with world-class tools, technical support, and our market-leading audition-capture software, Fast Capture™. Casting Networks is free for accredited casting directors.


Release roles to top agents or open them up to unrepresented talent through our Casting Billboard. If you’re working on a TV or theatrical project, we’ll even create the character briefs for you.


Browse submissions from agents and talent, or search our database of talent to find the perfect fit for your role.


Securely share selected talent with production companies and colleagues.

Fast Capture™ : Industry-defining software

Our post-as-you-go, audition capture software is the industry standard for casting directors.

Record and edit multiple takes then move on to your next actor or group while the previous audition is uploading.

Organize session recordings for your clients. Reorder, hide, and highlight audition videos before sending them on.

Generate secure links to share sessions and size sheet with your clients, with no fear of leaks.