FastCapture FAQs

How can I add or share a session runner?

Click on “Sharing” from your project navigation bar. Type your session runner’s name in the search field to find his/her camera operator account. If he/she already has an account, you will have the option to “Share on Current Project” or “Share on All Projects.” Select the option you’d like and your session runner will now be able to access your project(s) in FastCast. If your session runner does not have an account, click “Create User.” Fill out the required information to create a new camera operator account. The new user will receive an automated email with a generated password that can be changed at any time.

You will also be able to see everyone you have shared on all projects from your Sharing page. You can unshare a session runner at any time and he/she will no longer have access to your project(s).

How do I create a link to send to my client(s)?

Click on “Client Links” from your project navigation bar. Choose the green “+Add New Client Profile” button. Name your link and click “Create Profile.” Check off the boxes for the permissions and sessions you’d like to make available on your new link. You can also leave a homepage note. If you would like to send your links via your Casting Networks account, click the “Profile Email Info” button and input the relevant email addresses for this link. Make sure your recipients have Casting Networks added to their safe mail list so your links to not end up in anyone’s junk or spam folders!

Once you have your link updated, click on “Save Changes.” If you create multiple profiles, you will be able to “Send Multiple Links” at the end of each day/session.

Can I rename my session?

Yes. You can rename a session by clicking through to the session from your sessions page. Once you are taken to the Edit Session page, you will see an orange “Rename” button next to the session title. Type in your new session name and click “OK.”

Can I delete a group?

No. You can hide a group and it will not appear on your link, however you cannot permanently delete a group. This is to ensure that no information is ever unintentionally lost or erased.

Can I delete a session?

No. You cannot delete a session, however your client(s) will not see it if you do not check it off to be part of the client link.

TIP: To ensure you or your session runner do not select a bad session for your link, you can rename the session(s) “Do Not Send.”

Can I give a custom number to each group/actor?

No, at this time you cannot give a custom number to each group/actor. You do have the option to choose either letters or numbers to associate with an actor in a group and you can choose ANY number to be the starting point for each session. You cannot give custom numbers to each group/actor because having non-sequential characters will cause an error on the link.

What do log and display options do?

Log & Display Options gives you the ability to set the default media type and display mode for your link. The default media type is the first type of media that will appear for each group in your session. For example, if you captured both still photos and video and would like the pictures to appear first, you would want to select “Photos” as your default media type.

You can also choose where you’d like the log to start for a particular session. For example, your session titled “Day 1” ends at group 30 and you’d like your session called “Day 2” to start with group 31, instead of start over at 1.

Note: Edit Select Mode will list the talent’s role above their video and below their group thumbnail on the left of the session page. This function only displays on groups with a single talent.

Can I download my entire session at once?

Yes, you can download your entire session by exporting all groups from FastCapture into a folder on your computer or via Podcast. To begin your Podcast, follow the steps below.

  1. To Podcast your entire session, click on your Sessions page and then click “Get Podcast” next to the Session you want to download.
  2. Select a Video Quality to Download (Higher Quality will take more time)
  3. Click “Go to iTunes”
  4. When iTunes opens, it should take you to “Podcasts,” and start to download the first video file. To see the rest of the files, click on the triangle icon (►) next to the name of the session you just selected.
  5. Click “Get All” to begin downloading all of the files in the session. Depending on the quality of video and your connection speed, this could take some time.
I forgot to take a digital still of a talent. Can I change the picture on their size card?

Yes. Click on the group thumbnail or the group edit button below the thumbnail to take you to the Group Edit page. Scroll to the frame of video that you’d like to have as the digital still. Click the small camera icon below the talent’s name, and the talent thumbnail will update from a silhouette to the frame you have chosen. You can also choose a still image from the Photos tab. Choose a photo and then click the camera icon below the talent thumbnail. You can set the group thumbnail the same way. Simply click the camera icon below the group thumbnail instead. This feature can also be used to retake bad photos taken in the audition room.

How do I create a cut down link or short list with my clients’ favorites from all sessions?

From your Sessions page, click “+ Add New Session.” Name your new session whatever you’d like. Click on the session(s) you need to choose shortlisted talent from. Check the check box next to the talent thumbnail and click the blue “Copy Checked to” button above the first group. Select the session you’d like to copy the talent to aka your new shortlist session.

Can I import videos that were included with submissions into my session?

Yes. You can import any media (photos, video, audio) from a talent’s profile into your online session. To import video files, including submission videos, click on the Import Video icon to the right of the talent’s thumbnail in the group edit. Select the video you’d like to upload and click “Import.” Keep in mind, you can only import one video per group this way. If you need to import several clips, save them to your desktop, add them to a group in FastCapture and finalize to marry them together into one group video.

What file types can be uploaded through FastCapture?

The following types of files can be uploaded into FastCapture:
Video files: .mov & .m4v files that are smaller than 300MB
Audio files: All standard audio formats, including .mp3, .aac, .wav, and .aiff
Image files: .jpg, .png or .gif

What file types can be uploaded through the website

The following types of files can be uploaded into FastCapture:
Video files: .mov, .mp4, .avi, .dv, .m4v, and .wmv files. All videos have a limit of 300MB per group when uploaded directly to the site and .m4v files are preferred
Audio files: All standard audio formats, including .mp3, .aac, .wav, and .aiff
Image files: .jpg files not totaling more than 100MB per group

Does FastCapture have a Group time limit?

No, however, the time that videos take to encode and upload is dependent on several factors. We estimate, that based on your computer’s free disk space and the amount of programs you have running, a single group will encode in real time. This means, a 30 minute clip will most likely take 30 minutes to encode. Upload time will vary depending on the size of the file and your internet speed. We suggest using a stable, hard-wired internet connection to upload your files. If your internet cuts out mid-upload, the process may restart when the internet connection is restored. Prepare yourself for longer posting times and allow for excessively long videos to upload. NOTE: FastCapture has been stress-tested to capture 2 hours of video in a single group

Does FastCatpure have a Group number limit?

No, however we recommend that you do not exceed 100 groups per session to keep page load time to a minimum.

Can I capture in HD?

We do not recommend capturing in HD, as the files are extremely large and cause problems when encoding and uploading. If you have an HD camera, switch the setting to SD mode before using FastCapture.

Can I import video files that I captured on my camera?

You can import videos from other sources, provided you have them saved to your computer. Simply make sure your video is in one of the acceptable file formats listed in question 1.12 and drag and drop your file into the media bin. You can also hold down your “alt” key to have a file icon appear over the record button. This will allow you to search your computer for the file(s) you would like to import. You will then be able to locate and choose the video file from your computer and bring into FastCapture to upload as your group video.

Do you have to have Internet to run FastCapture?

No. You can run FastCapture in offline mode, however, you MUST have Internet access to create your FastCapture file and import your schedule(s). Make sure to do this before you move to a location where you will not have Internet. Put FastCapture in offline mode, and you will be able to create and record groups as normal. Media will encode, however it will not upload until you are connected to the Internet again. Also, keep in mind, you will not be able to search the talent database without Internet. Anyone who is not in your talent pool will have to be Quick Added into your session.

Once you are connected to the internet, you can walk away from your computer while your groups upload.

Can I edit a video after it has been uploaded?

If you would like to edit a video that has been uploaded, you will have to export it from your group viewer in FastCapture or download it from the Group Edit page online. Once you’ve downloaded the video, you can edit it in FastCapture or another video editing program, such as QuickTime. To upload the new video, simply add talent back into a new FastCapture group and finalize. (If you upload the edited video through FastCapture, make sure to hide the original group on your Edit Session page.) You also have the option to go into the Group Edit page online and choose “Change Video.”  Select your newly edited video and upload. At this time, you cannot directly edit a video from the site that has been uploaded already.

I can’t login to my Edit Session page. What happened?

This is most likely the result of a cache or cookie issue.  Try resetting your browser to solve the problem.

  • FIREFOX – At the top of your browser, click on “TOOLS”, then click on “CLEAR RECENT HISTORY”. A little box will appear. In the Time Range To Clear area, change the option to clear “Everything”. Be sure there is a green check mark in the boxes for Cache and Cookies. Proceed to “CLEAR NOW”.
  • SAFARI – At the top of your browser, click on “SAFARI” and then click on “Preferences”. Select the “Privacy” button and click “REMOVE ALL WEBSITE DATA”.  Then select the “Advanced” button and make sure “SHOW DEVELOP MENU IN MENU BAR” is checked. Click the “DEVELOP” menu and select “EMPTY CACHES” from the drop down.
  • GOOGLE CHROME – At the top right of your browser, click on the wrench icon (tools), then click on “OPTIONS”. In the Options page, click on “UNDER THE HOOD”, located on the left side of the page. Then from there, click on “CLEAR BROWSING DATA”. Be sure there is a green check mark in “Empty Cache” and “Delete Cookies”. Proceed to “CLEAR BROWSING DATA”
How do I change the role name for a talent?

To change the role name for a talent, click the Group Edit icon below the group thumbnail on the Edit Session page. Click on the role name next to the talent you would like to change. A text entry field will appear, allowing you to modify the role name. You will then have the option to select if you would like to change the name for a single talent, for all talent with the same role in the same session or for all talent with the same role in the entire project.

What do I do when my FCAP video preview is black?
  1. Check to make sure your camera is on and the lens cap is removed.
  2. Click on the FastCapture drop down and select “Preferences.”  Go to the Recording tab and make sure your camera or converter box is selected under the Video Source and Audio Source drop downs.
  3. If you are using a converter box, make sure it’s turned on and set to the right input (Analog).
  4. If recording a DVD back up, make sure the DVD burner/player is on and set to the right input.  (Also double check to make sure you have a DVD in it!).
  5. If all else fails, check to make sure your Firewire is not loose or faulty by swapping it out with a different cable.