As Casting Networks continues to invest in its global employee base, the Casting Networks team in Ahmedabad, India has been busy participating in community-building developer events to attract top tech talent that will support our team’s work building faster, smarter and more efficient casting solutions on our industry-leading platform.

In October, the Casting Networks India team hosted a tech seminar in Ahmedabad to increase brand awareness among engineers and developers in the area. Over 120 interested engineers and developers attended the all-day event. Casting Networks team members spoke about the advancement in JavaScript technologies, such as NodeJS, ReactJS, and Automation testing, and how using them can help businesses grow by increasing the stability and scalability of their tech. 

Members of the Casting Networks India team also attended October’s Google Developers Group DevFest. GDG Ahmedabad is an annual gathering of technology enthusiasts in and around Ahmedabad for a full day of presentations, workshops, and opportunities to network with other like-minded industry professionals. The Casting Networks team joined over 500 engineers, developers, and entrepreneurs at the community-led developer event.

“The Casting Networks India team is proud to organize and attend tech events that bring developers, engineers, and entrepreneurs together, like the Advanced JavaScript Tech Seminar and GDG Devfest. These gatherings help grow our Casting Networks brand globally and inspire people to join our talented team,” said Sahil Dalal, Casting Networks’ Director, India Operations.