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Top Questions

I've forgotten my username and password. How can I retrieve my login information?

Simply click “Forgot Username/Password” under Member Login on the Welcome page and select the option that best suits you. A link you can use to reset your password will be emailed to you. If you need more help, click here to watch a video tutorial.

How do I change my Agency representation in the system?

You must send an email to  Due to legal reasons, you will need to send in request in writing. You cannot change your representation over the phone. The following information must be included: -Your name and phone number -The Agency you are moving from -The Agency you are moving to IMPORTANT: The email address you send your request from must MATCH the email address in your online profile.  If this information is not in your online profile, you need to login to your account and enter it into the appropriate field in the Profile screen (accessible by clicking on the Profile button on the blue bar). Photo Changes: Your first photo with any Agency is free. After you change agencies, you have 30 days to update your main photo free of charge. Please email the free agency change photo to Photos uploaded through the online Photo Uploader will incur a fee. Please Note: If you switch Agencies and are paying for Hosting or Casting Billboard™ Premium Services, these services will continue uninterrupted.  If you would like to cancel any of these services, please contact

How can I update my credit card information in the system?

To update your credit card information on the system, highlight Account from the Welcome page and click on Change Billing Info. Your updated billing information will be used the next time you are billed. If your card has declined, your Premium Services are deactivated. To add them back to your profile, select Account > Premium Services, and add the services you would like back on your account.

Registration & Billing

Why should I register for a personal account with Casting Networks?
Personal accounts are a valuable career tool for the established actor, as well as the beginning actor alike. A personal account allows you to view and submit yourself to Casting Billboard™ projects posted by professional Casting Directors and Independent Filmmakers. You’ll also automatically be part of our Talent Scout™ program, in which Agents have access to your profile when they are searching for new clients.  In addition, you can be searchable by Casting Directors, 24 hours a day, which means they have the ability to contact you.  Free Mailing Labels, Schools, Coaches and Demo Reel Production Directories, a comprehensive listing of Photographers and free sides are also included. As an established actor seeking new representation, you can create personal accounts that will be automatically enrolled in the Talent Scout™ program.  You can choose what type of representation you are looking for, and make your profile available to those Agents. Also included in your fee is admission to our monthly Industry Networking Mixers and monthly informational Inside the Industry Seminars. The Industry Mixers feature complimentary drinks and the Seminar guests are working Industry Professionals – usually top Casting Directors. You’ll also save on headshot reproductions and mass mailings, since you will be able to email your headshot and resume anywhere in the world. We continue to add new features to Casting Networks that are actor-friendly, so keep checking back! All Personal Accounts include:

  • Unlimited Casting Billboard submissions
  • Media Hosting with Unlimited Media Uploads
  • Your first headshot posted for free
  • Talent Scout™ program
  • Emailed Project Notices
  • Your own personal URL
  • The ability to send your profile via email to anyone online
  • A profile in the database searched by Casting Directors
  • Access to sides for all projects
  • Access to free Mailing Labels
  • Access to Resource Directories
  • The Networker (LA Casting’s Monthly Newsletter)
  • Audition notices texted or emailed directly to your phone
  • Access to Industry Seminars and Mixers

Locations & Hours

Where are you located?
LOS ANGELES KIOSK LOCATION: 200 South Casting Studios 200 S. La Brea Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036 Click here for map and directions (Google Map)

Hours: Mon-Wed & Fri 10:00am – 6:00pm Thurs 11:00am – 6:00pm

Closed daily from 1-2:00pm Visa, Mastercard & personal checks accepted. No cash payments. Mailing Address ONLY: Casting Networks 3250 Wilshire Blvd. Ste. 1800 Los Angeles, CA 90010

Problems Logging In

Am I logging onto the correct website?

Casting Networks Inc. provides its services through several different specialized websites. Your account may be with one of those websites. Please look at the list below to see if you might be on one of our other websites and try logging in there.


*LA Casting and SF Casting are not part of the national database.

My Account

I've forgotten my username and password. How can I retrieve my login information?
Simply click FORGOT USERNAME/PASSWORD under Member Login on the Welcome page and select the option that best fits you. On the next page, enter your username and a link to reset your password will be emailed to you.

My Photos

What's the difference between a main photo and additional photos?

The Main photo is the picture most closely associated with your profile. This is the photo that will appear first when you are submitted or searched in the system. Additional photos can be viewed from within your profile. These are used to show different looks to Casting Directors and Agents. You also have the ability to choose which one will be the Main photo each time you submit yourself for a project through Casting Billboard™, so that you can be more specific to the role that is being cast.

My Resume

I've entered my information, why can't I see my resume?

There could be two reasons that you are unable to see your resume.

  1. Adding skills is not the same thing as creating your resume. This is additional information for you to enter that may not be found on your resume, that you would like a Casting Director to know.
  2. Your Agent has you listed as having a model profile, which means your resume does not appear. Please read the next question to see how to enter or update information on your resume.

My Video & Audio

What formats can my reel/clips be?

Our online uploader will accept the following formats:   Video: .mov, .mp4, .avi, .dv, .m4v and .wmv Audio: .mp3, .aif, .aac and .wav If you would like to convert your media, please visit or for a free file conversion!  If you are encountering difficulties uploading your file and seek a more specific response, please email and describe your issue in as much detail as possible. Please note: Our media player works at a standard resolution of 320×240 pixels.  If your media is in a wide screen or an HD format, it may not be displayed properly or it may not be accepted at all.

My Audition Confirmations

How will my agent get my audition confirmation?

Your Agent can see your response on his/her Worksheet. If your response is that you need to re-schedule or decline an Audition Confirmation, your Agent will contact you. If you accept an audition, your Agent and the Casting Director will be notified immediately.

For more information, please visit our contact page: