Since our first YouTube livestream Q&A back in April, the Casting Networks® team has continued to provide valuable industry interviews with agents, casting directors, acting coaches and more. What started out as an effort to connect with our clients and members during the COVID-19 pandemic, has developed into some of the most insightful and educational interviews with industry professionals at the top of their game. 

All 23 of our industry interviews, hosted by Tommy Kouloukas, Director of Business Development at Casting Networks, are available on the Casting Networks YouTube channel. Recent guests include talent agent Tiauna Jackson of the Jackson Agency, acting coach Raquel Gardner, Western Australia casting director Annie Murtagh-Monks and many more.    

Find a list of our most recent industry interviews below: 

Thank you to all of the industry professionals who have taken part in our ongoing Q&A series. Your talent and insight, especially during this difficult time, has been invaluable. If you’re interested in participating in our interview series, please email and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notifications for upcoming events!