What are the most recent Casting Networks updates?

You can read about our latest feature enhancement and bug fixes here: /updates

What information is required to release my project?

All mandatory information is noted with an asterisk on your project creation page. In order to release your project on Casting Networks, you must choose a project type, title, union status, rate and provide a casting company name. You will also need to select the recipients. You can opt to release directly to talent on Casting Billboard®, Agents and/or Managers. You can even send to custom Agency lists if you’d like. The last piece of mandatory information is one or more roles.

Can I choose who receives my project?

Yes! You can choose to release your project to our set groups of Commercial, Print and/or Theatrical Agents, as well as Managers or directly to talent. You also have the ability to create custom lists and choose specific Agencies and/or Management companies for each project you release on Casting Networks. If you release directly to talent on Casting Billboard®, make sure to check the date you’d like the project removed.

What are Agency Lists and how do I create them?

Agency Lists are custom lists of Agencies you create for project release. You can populate our premade A, B, C, D or E Lists and/or create lists of your own. Simply hover over “Agencies” on your main navigation bar and choose “Agency Lists.” Select an existing list from the drop down or create a new list. Choose the agencies you’d like to add from the “Selected Agencies” list and click the arrows to either add or remove them from your list. Clicking the double arrow will move ALL agencies either into or out of your custom list. You can select multiple agencies by clicking on desired agencies while holding down your control key (PC) or your command key (Mac). Agency Lists can be updated at anytime.

What are Favorite Folders and how do I create them?

Favorite Folders are customizable lists for you to keep track of talent that you like – e.g. Comedic Dad Types. To create talent Favorites Folders, hover over “Talent” on your main navigation bar and choose “Favorites.” Type the name of your new folder in the space provided and click “Create Folder.” To add talent to the folder, you can Search the database OR add from your submissions. Simply click the heart icon on the talent’s thumbnail and choose which favorites folder you would like to add him/her to. If you are searching from WITHIN the Favorites Folder, click the “Add to Folder” button below the talent thumbnail in your search results.

Can I delete a role?

You can delete a role if you have not received submissions. Once you have received your first submission, you will no longer be able to delete the role. This is to guard against the accidental loss of information in a project. We never want our Casting Directors to lose a single submission!

Can I rearrange the order in which roles appear on my project?

No, roles are listed based on the time stamp assigned at creation. This is a common feature request and we are looking into developing it in the future.

How do I filter my submissions?

You can filter your submissions in several ways:

  • Use the drop down filters at the top of the page to filter by Role, Representation or Agency list.
  • Use the ‘Filter’ button to search your submissions by specific qualities laid out in our ‘Search’ page.

If you’d like to filter your submissions by Agency List or specific representation, choose from the “Show” drop down.  You can also click the “Filter” button to narrow your submissions down by specific criteria, skills, etc.

What are the options for selecting talent I might like to audition?

In order to select a talent for a possible audition, you will need to click on one of the priority numbers, 1 – 5, below the talent thumbnail. You can use these buttons in a way that best suits your workflow, e.g. 1’s are the talent you MUST see, 2’s would be second round choices, etc. OR you can assign a different number to each person in your office. Keep in mind, when using our audition scheduler, talent selected as number 1 will default to populate first, followed by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, then 5’s.

To select a talent straight to callbacks, simply click the “CB” below the talent thumbnail.

How can I send selects to my clients?

Once you have made selects, you can send them to your clients for review. This is particularly useful if you are booking off photos. Simply navigate to your selects folder and click the blue envelope button to “Share Selects.” Enter recipient email addresses, separated by commas, and include a short message. A folder with all selected talents’ complete Casting Networks profiles will be sent.

Please note that selects can only be shared one role at a time and ALL priorities (1 through 5) will be included. If you would like to share specific talent only, we recommend creating Favorites Folders to share with your client(s).

How do I create a schedule?

Select “Schedules” in your project navigation bar and then click on the green “+New Schedule” button. Choose a date from the calendar and select either Audition or Callback schedule. You will then have the option to choose “Build Timeframes” or “Start With Default Timeframe.”

Most likely, you will choose the “Build Timeframes” option. From here you can select which role(s) you would like to schedule and how many talent for each role you’d like in each timeframe. You can choose the start time, interval duration, and end time of each timeframe or click the “calculate” button to find out when your timeframe would end based on the number of selects you have for a particular role. To add another role into the same timeframe, simply click “+Add Another Role.”

The default time frame is an empty schedule from 9:30 am until 6:30 pm with 10 minute intervals. No talent will be auto-populated into the schedule and you will have to drag and drop them into each timeslot.

If you need to schedule a break in your day, simply click the “Add Break” button and choose a start and end time.

Can I send messages to representatives through my Casting Networks account?

Yes. Besides alerting agents to changes in the project by emailing the project, or changes in the schedule by emailing the schedule, you can send messages to reps via the scheduler or the worksheet once a talent has been added to a schedule. Simply click on the chat bubble icon to send and receive messages regarding the scheduled talent.

You can also use our Quick Search feature to search for an Agency or Management company and send them an email. Clicking on their email address will open up your personal email application in a new window.

I’ve released my project to Casting Billboard®, but can’t respond to the messages that talent left on my Worksheet. How do I reply?

In order to contact talent, you will need to hover over the play button icon next to the talent’s name and click on “View Resume.” From there, you will have access to the talent’s phone number and/or the option to “Email Talent.” Clicking the “Email Talent” option will allow you to send a message to the talent through your Casting Networks account. Make sure that you provide your email address for the talent to reply to.